Stained Glass Colors

Glass House uses only American made, high quality stained glass in its product line. Any striations, bubbles, or wrinkles that occur in the glass are there naturally; caused by the time honored method of making stained glass. These sparkling inclusions add to the quality and glow of real stained glass.

Glass House offers its stained glass products in the 16 colors listed below. It is important to understand that the pictures do not do justice to our products. While the pictures are representative of the shape, they in no way give you an appreciation of the quality and brilliance of these products.

Basic Glass Color Options

BC = Blue Clear
BO = Blue Opal

BW = Blue Wispy

GC = Green Clear
GW = Green Wispy
LW = Lavender Wispy
PO = Pink Opal
PW = Purple Wispy
RC = Red Clear
RW = Red Wispy
SO = Seafoam Green Opal
SW = Sky Blue Wispy
TC = Teal Clear
TW = Teal Wispy
WO = White Opal
YW = Yellow Wispy


Crystal Colors


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