Glass House's High Quality Standards


The Quality of Glass House

We manufacture the highest quality stained glass gifts available in America today. The following describes the things that set us apart from all others.


Stained Glass

We purchase and use only American Made Stained Glass. We primarily use Spectrum Stained Glass in the manufacturing of our product line. Spectrum is the industry leader. However, we also use glass from the other major manufacturer's when it will make the our product better. These vendors are Kokomo and  Bullseye.


Stained Glass Color Selector



The channel we wrap the glass in is extruded at the Glass House factory. Using our own extruding machine allows us to make exactly the type of channel that we need. Generally our channel is thinner and less intrusive that what other people use.

Most other companies use channel that is created to make stained glass windows. This type of channel is much thicker and heavier because it needs to be very strong.

The result is our product is much more elegant and beautiful.




The plating finish on our product is very stunning. This is not as easy to accomplish as many think. The channel has special properties that only allow it to look great when plated in tanks specially designed and formulated for it.

We have a resource that does exactly what is necessary to get the best finish possible. We use two different finishes. They are: 

24kt Gold. This precious finish looks wonderful and adds a feeling of elegance. 

Silver-tone. This finish is nickel and has all the brilliance and fire of a polished silver finish, but won't tarnish like real silver.


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Every piece is put together by one of our talented employee/crafters. They have the talent and motivation to assemble each and every item to our high quality standards.


Assembly at Glass House



Many of our products use cut crystals as part of their design. These are all imported from Europe which is where the finest cut crystals in the world are made.




Made in the USA

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